Paul Gill

Paul Gill

Busker Paul has Whisper on the Breeze on Tape One.
Busker Paul and Hattie have Pixies Jinx on Tape Two.
Busker Paul has Wave me Goodbye on Tape Two.

Its got lots of free music on it at the moment.

Maya (from Heathens All) and Paul Gill (previously solo) have teamed up in a duo. Their songwriting is powerful, evocative and at times humorous, and they have two of the strongest and sweetest voices you will ever hear. Look out for them on the festival circuit this year.

Paul Gill’s Tape(umm…that is of course the artist formerly known as Busker Paul!) will be available from the 10th of May. They are £6 each including p&p and can be ordered from Paul at: End Cottage, Wood Green Long Stratton, Norfolk.

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