Tape 1

t-tape01Tribal Voices cassette Tape One Side One contents:

Tribal Voices cassette Tape One Side Two contents:
•1.B.1. Hatty – Time
•1.B.2. Busker Paul – Whisper on the Breeze
•1.B.3. Laura Sky and Jo – Big Strong Woman
•1.B.4. Rose – A Time to Shine
•1.B.5. Feth – Eco War
•1.B.6. Nicki – Eco Rap
•1.B.7. Ragged Edges – Hanter Dro (trad)
•1.B.8. Shannon – Change In Me
•1.B.9. Tragik Roundabout and Dragon Drummers – Camel Herders
•1.B.10. Steve P – The Enchantment Song
•1.B.11. Gaea – Shamana Woman
•1.B.12. Cellidh – Titche’s Song
•1.B.13. Matt – One With the Family


from http://www.tribalvoices.org.uk/tape-1/

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