Tape 4

Tape 4 Side A
= CDTV04A CD 4a
• 4.A.1 Willow Poem
• 4.A.2 Frazer Seeds
• 4.A.3 Olivia Sellar
• 4.A.4 Ingrid, Gaea & Laura Goddess is One (written by Sarah)
• 4.A.5 Fergus Fools Hornpipe?
• 4.A.6 Earthlings Fungusamongus
• 4.A.7 Little Green Men Strange Family
• 4.A.8 The Family Rise up with the Sun
• 4.A.9 Maryjane God Song
• 4.A.10 Fraggle Camel Waltz
• 4.A.11 Kate Blue Green
• 4.A.12 Selena Goddess of Land and Sea

Tape 4 Side B
Cassette Tape 4 – B Side

• 4.B.1 Fréa Why?
• 4.B.2 Little Green Men CCTV
• 4.B.3 Rose Stand Firm
• 4.B.4 Tim The End of Words
• 4.B.5 Dongas Les Aiguilles
• 4.B.6 Dongas Magic Circles
• 4.B.7 Daffyd Chant
• 4.B.8 Viv Wearyall Hill
• 4.B.9 Johnny H. song
• 4.B.10 Panda, Tim & Gaea The Seal Fishers Song
• 4.B.11 Stella Caged Bird
• 4.B.12 Celidh Hereafter the End
• 4.B.13 Matt & Inge Song for Isun
• 4.B.14 Poem and Laura Sky White Isle of Albion
• 4.B.15 All om [om]


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