Song by Johnny H

4.B.9 Johnny H. – (c)1997.

tv02john-song.rm 75k belongs on tape4!
(we gotta be european these days…)

Chart it out on a different course, no particular port ahead
I’ve got a lot of conflicting messages roaring inside my head
Go cos I go two tack forward and one tack back,
and another one in between,
Because the storms and doldrums up ahead life is what it seems
Got to be another way to live this life, a way that’s good, forgive,
No confusion, far less doubt, breathe it in and blow it out
The elements to guide our way on a journey is divine
Sing the song get fit
It’s all yours and it’s all mine
Cos on a planet of plenty it is elementary
There is more than enough for everyone
That’s if we
If we go far less without distress
There’s a profit in not taking too much
Give the body a chance
Living life with a sensual touch
And to not feel afraid, and the children safe everywhere
Give women back the night, this wondrous land too good not to share
Cos we’re strolling along
We’re gonna sing the song, get fit, feel strong,
This world it is yours and it is mine

It goes biddy biddy bum bim bim bang bang

Let’s be having a good time,
Cos the bad time’s not much fun,
All the confusion, there’s no illusion
Have fun with everyone

Floating along in the rhythm of life with the planets so divine

Sing the song, get fit, breathe strong…

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