Why by Fréa

4.B.1 Fréa – Why? (c)1997.

tv04why.rm 15k
Sitting in the earth, earth hugged me, asked me why
And I simply looked at Earth with my eyes, and earth cried tears…

As hammers hit and cruel kangos left us cowering
They came to take us away
And as the man sawed away ??? from the
I asked him why and he said
“Because I Believe in the democratic process”
But he could not look me in the eye

They ripped me from the earth
Above earth was scarred, Trollheim lay trashed,
And apocalypse beyond even Hollywood

As they led me away from the scene of their crimes
I asked one of them Why?
“Because I Bellevue in justice

Now moons have moved on, and chance to many in you
Diggers dig …. as men in suits profit
And earth is torn up in the name of progress
And taxes are paid

As my belly swells I sit in the earth wondering
What will I say whn my child asks why

All I know is I will look my baby in the eye

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