Strange Family by Little Green Men

4.A.7 Little Green Men – Strange Family (c)1997.

Jes, Mark, Nigel, Andy, Chrissy, Ruth, George, Frazer

(From Tape Four)

This is our home, these are our stones,
this is where we learn, where the fire burns,
strange family, strange family
this is our home
this is our earth, these are our clouds
… to where we are, reaching out so far

I’m the highest man for miles and miles and miles around
And you will be queen of earth – I’m making you a flower crown
The alchemical castle, kids and sun,
These things are one, make love and run

This is our home, these are our stones
This is where we lie, where the fire burns
This is our door, these are our keys,
this is our world, these are our trees
Strange family, strange family

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