Rise up with the Sun by The Family

4.A.8 The Family – Rise up with the Sun (c)1997.
Jonno: Teg, Richard?, Stevie P,Shannon, Paul, Theo, Maya, Matt, Jom, Fraggle, Steph

(From Tape Four)

Sun comes, so let it rain….

We hear the buzzard call,
and we see the stag standing tall
Well as the ?? springs and the owls ?? spread their wings
And its into the silence we fall

Will we taste the sweet honey next year
Will the beaver .. the bear …
Will we dance with the wolves as they sing to the moon
Or have we forgotten their tune?

So let us be with the birds and the bee, and run with …

So hunter man drop your gun
Let your fear and your chains be undone
Our wisdom employ for freedom and joy
When we rise up with the sun.

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