God Song by Maryjane

4.A.9 Maryjane – God Song (c)1997.

Maryjane, Frazer, Maya, Tim, George, Jim, Stef
tv04godsong.rm 66k

(From Tape Four)

I was walking one day when someone took my hand (She said)
I’ve been watching you and I see you understand (she said)
What makes the patterns of life and I want to see you now
Put those patterns into action and be part of earth’s show

What on earth do you mean I said
What on earth do you mean I cried
Then I relaxed back into myself
And found the patterns flowing inside
Be yourself she said, be yourself

So I left my home and arrived at myself
And what I found there I just want to tell someone else
Strange discoveries – Spiral Woman

So anytime now when I’m feeling a bit weak
I remember God now in my times of need
Spiral Woman – you’re one with me now

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