Time by Hattie Hatstar

Time by Hattie Hatstar (c)
~ 15k ~ Tape One

Once upon a time there was no time
except night time and day time
Then somebody put numbers
where the sun was
and time became endless
instead of just here and now time
Time began to pass
sometimes slowly, sometimes fast
sometimes there wasn’t enough time
and other times time was vast
There became a time to live and a time to die
and an old father time
with his beady eye on those who,
though they were watching time fly
might not know it was their time to die
People learned all about the beginning of time
but became afraid about the end
because to them endings were sad
even though those they left behind
still had time yet to live
And when they died
their time wasn’t really up
it just became timeless
like it was once upon a time
when there only was night time and daytime
before anyone had put numbers where the sun was

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