Change In Me by Shannon

Change In Me by Shannon (c)
Do you mind if I
talk with you a while
I ever need to find myself
stranger to my whole reflection
all I ask is that you listen .. to me
and as the leaves fall swiftly from the trees
I can feel the autumn on my face
and as the death of
someone I have loved
sinks slowly into my heart

Change in me, change in me
I can feel it coming
change, a change in me
change in me, change in me
I can feel
coming coming coming come…

feel so small can cigarette seems
dull in the shame of never reaching for my dreams
never reaching for my dreams

..frozen needs of an abandoned child
wrecked so tired it’s hard to unwean
some times its hard to believe
in me
man she said something has crossed over in me
and never coming back this way again

change in me…

as I move towards
the love that I have found
I can see my reflection
looking back at me
don’t you see, don’t you see,
I will never leave you by in ..
and I will never abandon …
she is me ..
she is free

change in me..

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