Time to Shine by Rose

Time to Shine by Rose (c)
When I was just a little girl
I would cry for all my worth
to see a creature lying dead
where a road cut through the earth

And as I grew into my teens
the pain I felt went deeper
I learnt about the deadly bombs
and the value of life grew cheaper

The place I lived was tory blue
I went to a good school
my parents thought that I should learn
not to bend or break the rule

stay on the path, keep out of here
you mustn’t question why
just toe the line, do as your told
and you’ll make it by and by

I wrote a poem about my fears
of what might become of us
i didnt know I had the power
to shout and make a fuss

the years went by and I grew up
the rot went on around me
a wife a mother and a nurse
I thought that’s all I could be

It wasn’t that I didn’t care
but I was ignorant
of how someone
who was small like me
could make a difference now

that what i could and should have done
was to make my anger heard
but I just cried and cried some more
and uttered not a word

But now I’m free to go my way
and grown wiser from the years
I’ve moved away from all I know
to stand and fight my fears

I know that I am not alone
that together we can fight
to live our lives the way we choose
our basic human right

the right to live upon the earth
or travel round our isle
to make a home in an empty place
and stay a little while

the right to gather in a field
to sing and dance and play
to know that if we see some wrong
we can march and have our say

So now I let them know I care
my friends have shown me how
that someone who is small like me
can make a difference now

So what I can and I will now do
is to make my protest heard
it’s time to shine, and shine some more
’empowerment’ is the word

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