Eco War by Feth

Eco War by Feth (c)


by Feth

What did you do in the Eco-Wars, daddy?
where were you when they tore all the trees down?
can you tell me why this is so strange to me daddy
which side of the fence did you stand ?

you say you cant remember
i think you just dont want to answer
did you operate the chainsaws
that tore into our mother
did you lay down the compounds that deformed my brother
selling us all for a wage

what did you do in the eco wars daddy
Did you turn your face away – cut yourself off from the flame?
How bright were the lights that blinded your reason?
Did you say one man can’t make it change?

Did you stand to meet the people
as the world began to crumble
keeping your head down,passing buck round
waiting for somebody to take responsibility
damning us all for a wage

The Third World War is a war against Nature.
You don’t even need a gun in your hand.
Eco-War is a war, it’s against Nature.
You don’t have to fight in some foreign land.
It’s there in your kitchen; it’s there in your car.
It’s there in your lungs; it’s there in your heart.
It’s there by the roadside – it’s there on the front line.
It’s there in the headlines – if you read between the lines.

What did you do in the Eco-Wars, daddy?
Did you stand up – did you speak up: “Enough is enough!”
Was it your voice that shouted? Were you there when it counted?
Where were you when the tide turned?
Did you act with honour? Did you think about the future?
Did you know that one day I’d be standing here with you?
In the grey days of the past, did you know of?? something better
Than all their money-mad ways?

One thought on “Eco War by Feth”

  1. I remember Feth singing questions from the children of our direct future, including the compelling ‘Where you there when the tide turned,’ which could be a retro~hint to us from their future, that there is one. (a clever linear time defying bardic techique indeed)

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