Eco Rap by Nicki

Eco Rap by Nicki (c)

the green things grow
let the grey things crumble
from the pinnacles of power
let the rich man tumble
what started as a whisper
soon become a rumble
we can soon find the truth
underneath the jumble
if they haven’t heard
we gonna spread the word
let the people know that we can overthrow
it took me some time to find my voice
but when I did Ishouted freedom of choice
take a look at the situation
seem the whole nation is under sedation
if you think its strange that we don’t change
get off your arse and start to rearrange
but don’t listen to the preacher
cos biblical brainwash is all he’ll teach to you
when i found out the words of wisdom
spoke them out
but people dissed them
now i shout
the words of wisdom
people stand up
fight the system
watch the politicians they’re all dead
what they say has already been said
prime minister speaks with a forked tongue
the whole government should have been hung
no longer how long you listen to the shit
when you see the whole picture
it just doesn’t fit

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