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15th March 2001.

It’s Pok again resuming my sporadic diary of events. Been in London working as steward at the Drome, earning money to pay Dave at Mandala enough for me to finish the album ROCK ‘N’ ROLL PROPHESY.

This passion to record has also got me roaming London by foot at night also doing flyers outside nightclubs. Strange nocturnal wonderland if you got the imagination , interesting certainly…

And with some of the money i also ended up in Switzerland seeing friends and experiencing the forbidden protest aagainst the yearly World Economic Forum (W.E.F.) globalisation conference in Davos skiing village. This was a whole story, and when I got back i found that the Dada movement, cited as major influence on punk, was started at the Caberet Voltaire nightclub in the city i had just left, Zurich.

Since i have been writing this journal here and there i have been making this new style old style rock n roll music because i am tired of people chattering whe youre delivering your sounds because you are eco-friendly, and play acoustic cheesegraters.

So im developing hopefully pretty scary music, which has leaked out here and there in the past year and a bit. This new album features songs that Warp goers may remember from our sets then, which were acoustical. Now i often use an electric band, which i wont try to describe.

Maybe lovers of old time goats will not like the new stuff. The upside of this is is that more and more relic material is being released from Mandala, on CD. There is

***Tribadelica….Now ***13 Moons in Motion (CD) ***The Legendary almost lost Mandala Masters (CD) …. Also in time a CD of first album *** Inamorata and Other Tales

which could go nice as a double cd with one you wont have heard, from deep goatee archives…


Both Rhymer and Inamorata feature stories with the songs which was the format for early Goat performances around fires at sacred and/or threatened places during 1993-5, before we joined Mandala.

There are also a lot of other bits and pieces of unreleased material that could even make 2 or 3 albums of old style and related songs.

That’s the Virtual Spacegoats, alive and well in the digital realm.

So you can hear old and new goatee sounds, hope it does ya good.

Love Pok.

Hello, Pok here,

Stumbling about due to various demogorgans lassooing me and dangling me over one of my abysses. However, IT@S COMING oh yeah….the Warp really fucked my spirit for all that up music and love , such a promising idea, but I just became sad and weary because we coulnt really play effectivly in the techno-conditions and I dont think the owners gave a damn for us. (Editor’s note from the future: Pok was actually wrong here, the owner is a lovely bloke and a year later there is an excellent and motley crewe keeping the Drome going… Exept as of March 2001 it has been evicted by the owners, Railtrack) So I have been brooding the new one and having plenty technical difficulties. So I took a few festies off later summer and have been chanting away and seeded some new ones.

Mr Free Rob Cannabis has put money up for recording a song of mine, “Smokescreen”, which is about cannabis prohibition and its many uses. I have asked Grant Showbiz rto produce it , which is cool because he wants to and he does Billy Bragg and did Gong. THink I m somewehere in between the two. Billy does Woodie Guthrie songs now, he is allowed to by Nora Guthrie and that means alot to me. My new songs, starting with Smokescreen are what I call infornmation songs, moving on from pixies one could say, but I know they have not gone away, merely changing shapes.

Good production needs good PROMOTION, and the likes of me and Rob will be coming up with some angles and with a little magic and contacts, who knows. It would be nice if an earth voice or two could be heard clearly.

Love P

I’ve got a new website at: http://www.spacegoats.co.uk checkout.. Jim Invisible’s brother website: soundgallery checkout.. Urban75 contacts list and.. www.dicenews.com George’s alternactive hotlinks me and george have just uploaded some pictures:

Hello, Pok here, it is February 17th 2000.

Tomorrow we’re going up to the the new Warp, now calling itself the RAVELATION EXPERIENCE at : Open , 144 Charing Cross road W1, London, 10pm Friday till 10pm Saturday . £ 15, (£10 concs) £8 from 5am, £5 all day Sat. …..FORTNIGHTLY from Friday 18th Feb, Fullmoon!!!




George has just quarbled with the computer and come up with this file. So here I am putting this in it.

In the early 90s I heard a man with an angel voice, Jeremy his name, who sang in a field upon the bare skin of mother earth a song that answered a question that my life was asking… where does it come from this SSOund?

There and then I knew the answer, or to say, found it.

Tina sat on an old elegantly scruffy sofa in same field , Johnny ‘Arris arms wide as his smile, walking down the sunny land his guitar hanging on him ready for transformations.

Too many moments to write down…these above from 1992, before Spacegoats came together. That is the band we made in a crop circle later that year. I had bought a mandolin and that changed most things. Became some of who I am, found the science of enhurument and had a jolly good time.

Now in 200 we have gone through many changes, urbanised our self to a certain degree and are extending our musiclove into the Babylon place.

The media tends to buzz about intentfully at many of the places we find ourselves, but has not done us any particular favours, but a recent appearance on Ali G is providing opportunities to be even better tarts than we have been.

With a new team we are setting out to once more enhuru the planet.


7 thoughts on “Pok”

  1. He he ho ho, 13 years since last here….that was a tumultuous time at the turn of the Millenium….what’s now…
    Well all of the Spacegoats caravanseria has dissolved into the mist and times have moved on and are the same only better and worse….No more Spacegoats exept where they appear in myth or youtube…

    1. this was maybe our collective finest moment ever. Chris wrote this song ‘Traveller’s Song’ and it was the first song that Spacegoats worked on and sung together. I say first song because we sing in it. The first piece of music was ‘The Lay of Hurunagas’ which grew from a three note drone Dave Atkins played on his ancient mando cello at his flat in Totnes back in August 1992 a few days after we formed the band.

    1. That is a link through to the blog site of the pook of pok where there is much of my writings etc. This tale is the Book of Bok, which tells of events when Spacegoats was one year old and in Ireland. It doesn’t say so cos it happened later that year (1993} but I first heard the name ‘poc’ during this time, which later became ‘pok’ what I calls myself. This version is complete with pictures I drew.


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