Eternal Sunset by Chris Troth, Tim & Jim + Ian’s Poem

Eternal Sunset  by Chris Troth,   Tim &  Jim  +  Ian’s  Poem

(From Tape Three)

I walked across the moor,a seaward way
at the end of a long hot summers day
and toiled up old Holdstone hill
on the back of a worn byway
and at the top I sat down
on a pile of stones that is that old hills crown
and  rested my legs in which the miles of the day still echoed round
in front the sun was reaching and beseeching to my eye
behind the moor receding until a tallow sky
and there was i between them transcending man made time on high
transfixed betwitched, by that star that is all natures real cyclic rhyme
that by which we are in heaven caught
and have always been 
since the very bakers of creation ??
and shall still be  after mans unhappy reign return to nought
so there i sat without a care
amidst the ?? calm and silent air
not even the slightest breeze to ruffle Holdstone's heather hair
and the sea laid out beneath me whispered not a sound
and/un?? broken in its contrast with the sky above there bound
silver polished picture framed on one edge only by the ground
the evening sun was now hidden. veiled behind some cloud
a thick yet formless vapour, a grey and silver shroud
and so it reappeared, that orb of orange red
beneath the shroud of vapour, it showed its descending head
above the sky so endless, beneath the ocean red??
and as the sun continued down
the distant horizon lit the bloody orange crown
and then it disapppeared as a billion times before
?? the doldrum ocean washed that  wild shore
and that which had been so long and hot
was on me now no more
and then as if by magic the sky turned pinky red
the shafts of laser sunbeams from behind the horizon bled
a plasma coloured panaroma filled my dilated eye 
as the ocean my reflection caught
a stain in that self same die
and there i sat and wandered long
till the sunsets dying embers dulled
and darkness cloaked the sky

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