Children of this Tree by Josh

Children of this Tree  by Josh

We are the children of this tree
huddled together within its arms
hiding for shelter beneath its leaves

Our brothers and sisters sit locked up in cells
arrested and beateh for singing and shouting
outside of the jail where our friend is being held

The trees give us apples and damsons and pears
there are mushrooms to eat, there are brambles and plums
there is wood for the fire, to keep us warm

The bailiffs are ready, preparing to come
the men with the chainsaws awaiting their turn
hard hats guard diggers behind metal walls

We are the children of these woods
They have sheltered and nurtured us these four months
their great gentle power is the source of our strength

It could be tomorrow or any day soon
the death men will come with police at their side
and we will defend our home

One thought on “Children of this Tree by Josh”

  1. Thank you for the coverage. You fine folk do a great seicrve for the Pagan Community and we look forward to being able to submit a review of our festival in the future that will be as complimentary and inspiring as the one about GGG.

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