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Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 19:51:31 -0000
HI ,
Greetings from Polar-kin. Tapes 3 & 4 are on hold- Manufacturers on holiday for 2 weeks – will commence then. Can we add something funky to our web site please?
Clive sang on Just Jerrys song- CJB, Selina’s song Celibrate our Mother Maker- TV2

Polar-Kin- (can this go in on both our web pages please) :

Clive and Chrissy started the polar-kin project as a partnership with the aim of recording and promoting the music of Britains eco-warriors and tribal folk and to raise funds for environmental campaigns. We recorded and produced all the Tribal Voices albums, helped with marketing and promotion of the albums and helped set up the Tribal Voices collective of 150 musicians which aims to promote and record members work and the campaigns they support. All members of the collective are able to buy tapes in at cost price and sell them on. Profits from the sale of tapes through mailorder raises funds for environmental campains that members are involved in.

clive pixelpeople@hotmail.com
Clive: Musician, Artist, Music Producer, Animator and Media Tart. Specializes in pulling off Extravaganzas and achieving the impossible !
Clive Ray grew up in London during the Beatle-mania era. All the kids wanted to be a Beatle but he wasn’t allowed to grow his hair. He graduated to tea-chest bass with the school folk band and played lead parts in school musicals. He continues his musical interests playing melodeon and dancing for the North Wood Morris in the 1980’s. He toured Britain, Germany and Austria with them, helped set up a local folk club and formed Denis and Clive Live, a fast folk duo and recorded an album with the Flagmen.

In ’92 Clive helped found the Society for the Preservation of Working Oxen and toured with a team of oxen to Sidmouth Folk Festival where he learnt the didjeridoo and went on to form the Space Goats. The band plays acoustic tribal folk music at festivals, on the streets and social justice and environmental campaigns around Britain. The Space Goats have been involved in Twyford Down, Solisbury Hill, Bath Fairmile and most recently the Crystal Palace protest camp. Space Goats helped open the One World Rainbow Centre in Kentish Town, Nov. ’93 and in October ’94 Clive went on tour with the Space Goats as part of Charter 88’s Velvet Revolution Tour to highlight the Criminal Justice Bill at universities across Britain.

In ‘ 95 he formed The Polar-Kin Project with Chrissy. Inspired by the dedication of muscians to saving planet Earth they sold everything and with the help of the Network for Social Change, they began the Tribal Voices Projects using solar-powered equipment.

In ’96 The Polar-Kin Project recorded the sound track for the film The Great Walk, in Grafton, Australia and made a radio program for Aboriginal community radio, Radio Goolarri.

Clive created the Dragon Village in the Green Futures Field at Glastonbury Festival, ’98 incorporating a performance space, bicycle, wind and solar powered stage, vegan cafe, info stalls and children’s space and co-ordinated performances of the Doris Dancers, Tribal Voices collective and other bands. He has also co-ordinated events at the Big Green Gatherings in ’97 and ’98.

Currently he is working on the Space Goats new single and album, co-ordinating performance space at this years Glastonbury festival and developing computer animations.

Chrissy Ortner: Reiki Master, Singer/ Song writer & Musician, Sound Engineer/ Producer with Polar-Kin and the Tribal Voices Projects. Initiator of projects weird and wonderful.
Chrissy is currently a member of ” Tantara “, with Gaea, a duo consisting of vocals, didjeridoos, guitar and percussion, singing songs of earth and spirit. She believes that music is one of the most powerful ways of healing ourselves and our planet.

Chrissy grew up in Melbourne Australia, spending her early years on sunblessed beaches, exploring the wilds and developing a dislike of cities.

She played recorder and piano from an early age, preferring to teach herself and later developed an interest in sound engineering and playing the didjeridu, much to the amusement of family and friends. She studied Educational Psychology, hoped there was more to life and has worked extensively with people with disabilities in schools, vocational and residential settings in Australia, Canada and Britain.

She first saw the Space Goats perform at Glastonbury festival in ’93 and joined them the following week at a Twyford Down road protest, as the token Australian didj player number 2. She spent four months in Vancouver running didj workshops, practicing sound healing, playing with a celtic band and working for the Wilderness Society. In ’94 she returned to England to help run the One World Rainbow Centre and rejoin the Space Goats. She has been involved in The Land is Ours campaigns, Charter 88’s Velvet Revolution tour of universities, highlighting The Criminal Justice Bill and road protest campaigns across the country.

Chrissy is currently working on two books, one a children’s story.

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