Loom of 13 Moons by Willow

Loom of 13 Moons by Willow (c)
Truth may be found below or above
With my feet on the ground
and my head full of love
So show me the path, as it lies in between
The concrete destruction and the life oozing green
Ways between worlds, to fly high – to swim deep
From the dank, dark wood realm,
to the stone – mason’s keep
Bridging the gap between black and the white
The sun beams and moon rays of daytime and night
The arc of a Rainbow soars way past beyond
As a circle’s completed, Disk, Sword, Cup and Wand
For my heart is my truth and my mind but a tool
To maintain the mainstay of the green manic fools
For my mind stands to serve me, to fulfil my truth
As I dance on through Eden in eternity’s youth
A serpent song sounding of birth’s sweet caress
To rise above chaos in the life I possess
Well, the spheres they keep turning, the seasons move in
Between I stand strong now, for my world to begin
To sing a truth sharing my love for the Earth
To celebrate life and the joy of my birth
To drum out my heart as the healing takes hold
For some it is said, shine a light pure as gold
So waken deer soul for the dance to begin
In this marriage of starlight and my fire from within
Well I came to this realm from ways high above –
To learn of the Earth song and to learn to be love
copyright 1997 G.Willow Seeger

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