Heal the Earth by Rosie

Heal the Earth by Rosie  (c)

(From Tape Two)
from clouds of air reach out ??
to the sun that rises each day
to the green of the trees and the hedgerows
there is plenty that’s going astray
There’s nothing more important than the sunrise
but the clouds are all dirty and grey
the trees that breathe life are falling
dying under which madams????? play
there .are men of power and money??
who know not what they do
they rape the earth of her green and pleasant land
with poisons machines and fumes
Our lonely planet is dying
ten years is all we have left
we must change by then
or her children we condemn
to a poisons of the ??? and death
But all is not lost I am hopeful
there’s a spirit so pure and true
it goes grows like a flower in a new house every hour
we can heal the earth like new
we must heal the earth like new
we will heal the earth like new.

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