Frazer has Seeds on tape 4
tv04seeds.rm 45k realaudio sound sample
Frazer has Talking Trees ( to be used for the Film ) archived

February 2002: Frazer has three cassette/CD albums, consisting of recordings from India since 1994, also recordings from Glastonbury from 1995, versatile onthe spot live jamming sessions captured on minidisk and various analogue machines over the years –


Its a Picture remastered by Dave Beech from Picture Records, my first album, totally salvaged material from analogue tapes.. recorded in India, Dorset, Glastonbury, Green Gathering, a great bunch of people, excellent musicians playing:
Sprog (Bass Guitar; Canadian Ed – acoustic lead guitar; Howard on Guitar; Ralph on djembe; Austrian on tabla; Israeli Yelli + Teg backing vocals; French Raphael harp; Indian Gnesh Baba singing Bajam; Michael from Coombe Farm on djembe; Dutch Daniella – penny whistle and indian flute; Jim Visible – Big D Whistle; SteviePea – Bazuki; German Sky – Bazuki; French Mark – Sitar; Martin – trumpet; Nick – Fiddle and orchestration of ‘Flower Hill’

they’ve all been remastered as:

The Bigger Picture double album
[A] Together Alone – The Bigger Picture – Frazer and Friends – has just been remastered at Benedict Studios Nowhere Alone, or Together Alone – Indian Eastern flavour instrumental album
[B] Now Here All One is all songs also recorded India, Dorset, Green Gathering, Glastonbury –
some of my best songs that ive written are on this album
there’s bagpipes, tabla, saz, concertina, panpipes, djembe, and great live sessions,

Errol from Turkey, Matia Swiss/Italian tabla, Ashoc Indian from Blangalore djembe, Sharigpawezrevez Udaipur India Hawaian Guitar; Gnesh Baba from Karnatika Sadu, singing bajan; Summerpan Swiss/German panpipes; Sharon Israeli derabuka; Jim concertina; Mike Liverpool – border pipes; Nick the Fiddle; Emily Viola; Sacred Cow from Bagsunag Mooing; Italian hippy on Krsna drum;
awaiting help to print the CDs…

The beauty of all this music that i’ve recorded over the years is that its been recorded in the true tribal voices style live and direct and ecofriendly- as it possibly can be, sorry about the petro chemical CDs and cases!

also producing a Quollobollox CD of poetry in 2002 entitled ‘Only Forever’ watch this space – our great bard Graeme Lewis Dongarusalem ISBN 0-902418-13-1 Illustrated by Matt Spacegoat

a record of excellent visionary bardic lyric – 3feb2002

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