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Spacegoats Reunion gig 11 Feb 2017

SpaceGoats reunion Feb 2017On Saturday 11th February, Glastonbury Assembly Rooms will host the first reunion gig – after 20 years since their heyday – of a very special band.

(see video of the gig here)

During the early to mid 1990s the Spacegoats thrilled audiences around the country with their unique take on acoustic music, inventing a genre they called “eco-bardic tribadelica” and singing songs about such cosmic subjects as stone circles, earth energies, crop formations, and the ever-living presence of the great Earth Mother and ancient pagan deities. Rated by some as the most exciting British psych-folk band since The Incredible String Band, they released a series of now classic and sought-after albums including Inamorata And Other Tales, 13 Moons In Motion and Tribadelica. The band emerged in 1993 from the road protests of Twyford Down and Newbury, and began their musical journey jamming round fires and at protest sites, headlining gigs at green fayres and on festival stages including Glastonbury and The Green Gathering, alongside fellow travellers Heathens All, a similar collective of protesters which gave rise to currently active bands Seize The Day and Dragonsfly. With help from legendary producer Dave Goodman, who had previously worked recording The Sex Pistols, and band member Matt Tweed, they worked prolifically on album after album, initially released on cassette and later on CD. Some of their best recordings have finally made it onto Youtube; the band comprised an eclectic mix of instruments which contributed to their uniquely energetic sound, blending the effervescence of hammered dulcimer (from singer / songwriter Krishmael) , vocals from Chrissie and later Stella Homewood (rejoining the herd for this gig), shimmering bells and chimes, and mandolin (from Pok,also writing and singing), with the deeper tones of open-tuned bouzouki (from Matt Tweed – the third singing /songwriting force), djembe percussion and a rhythmical didge drone from founder member Clive Ray (also singing at this reunion). This gig will be the first reunion of the original Spacegoats for many years, and also marks the 20th anniversary of the Newbury Bypass road protests.The band will play for the whole evening, with doors opening at 7.30 p.m. and tickets priced at an audience-friendly £7.50, or £5 concessions – available in advance from The Speaking Tree, High Street, Glastonbury; Bristol Ticket Shop (0117) 929 9008 –; or by reserving at the Assembly Rooms: email Advance booking or early arrival is recommended.

Facebook Event page here

SpaceGoats reunion Feb 2017

Olugbala Kokumo Wadadli Drumming Oracle

Wadadli Drumming Oracle

Olugbala Kokumo, from the Twin-Island State of Antigua and Barbuda in the Eastern Caribbean
Inspired by People places and Things

A Multi Instrumental Musician,
Primarily objective is to demonstrate and educate people on the practical aspect of various instruments,
Wadadli African Caribbean Hand Drumming, Didgeridoo, Singing, Poetry Guitar and Piano
Using Traditional instruments Explore, compose and structure new rhythms and rhyme to go with the times



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11july1999: we’re off to the Moonshadow eclipse Camp 1-21 August
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Tribal Voices / Mandala stage was at Glastonbury
Space Goats CD SG23 is now out, see mandala for details

13may1999: Laura said she’ll be a phone contact – 01404-812030
uploaded polarkin.htm – Clive and Chrissy’s multimedia project webpage is a new homepage for tribal voices – easier to quote down the phone! is george’s links page
There’s rumours of a tape 5 being prepared, but a birth interrupted things
the musicians will be out and about this summer
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