Solsbury by Lee Tree

Solsbury by Lee Tree  

(From Tape Two)

Spring equinox,
and Solsbury called me from Catherine’s hill;
and On that sunlit Spring morn, on wings of dragon,
to Sulis spring in Larkhall I was borne.
and There upon those sacred slopes
We found a wholeness in word and deed;
and as our ancestors had,
made our stand;
Side by side on the crying land.
Spring equinox to Beltain fire:
What race is this,
that pulls it’s children through barbed wire?
and From the emerald crown of birch and ash
We watched their machines as they tore their gash;
Stripping sections from our mother’s scalp;
pure hatred spat from yellow jackets’ eyes
As they tore us from the trees:
Divorced from all that’s pure in them:
their love for life, their dreams.
To learn to love these loveless men
Is one of the hardest things to do:
But their hatred is passed on to them –
don’t let it infect you.
learn to love

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