Freedom Trail by Josh

Freedom Trail by  Josh


We are vogagers on many planes
dancing vivid into fresh dimensions
wandering minstels athletes adventurers
shamanic talkers, late night philosphers
holding on lightly the passing dreams
opeing up to new ways of being
growing together in times of great learning
voicing ideas that seem quite silly
letting great silliness into our loves
laughing out loudly at cosmic jokes
giggling like school kids about sex and shitting
playing wisecrack games with words
serving out insults like tennis balls bouncing
treading the ground in frost and in snow
baring our skins to the high summer sun
watching the ebb flow of the moon
falling asleep with our eyes on the stars
singing our songs to the red embered fire
giving our love to the old round earth
stepping our way through assorted landscapes
mapping the ground with our feet as we move
lifting the spirits of ancient pathways
drawing lost memories back into life
calling a whole new world into form
waltzing with strangers on  small town high streets
gathering tearful on windy hill tops
learning to live without leaders  or policemen	
glimpsing eternity in passing beauty
grinning with joy at everyday living
helping each other to heal past hurtings
feeling the shape of our long lost tribe
caught in the web of our destineis wove
rising togehther from lifetimes half sleeping
to walk on this earth
to fly with our minds
to live in our hearts
to journey together
outwordly inwardly
spinning in spirals out from sun filled cente
knitting our life threads in close patterned knot work
creating a life worth living

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