A Kiss Goodbye by Paul Gill

A Kiss Goodbye by Paul Gill

(From Tape Two)

It grieves me to leave you this way,
Or should I say, I told you this would happen some day.
If I filled you with some false belief,
then I hope it’s within your heart to forgive
{chorus: }

So kiss me and wave me goodbye, my dear;
Hold me and try not to cry, my dear
By morning I’ll be far away from here,
So kiss me and wave me goodbye.
I’m back on the road again, back to my roving ways,
And I might pass by here some other day,
And if we should see eye to eye, perhaps then
Things would happen again by and by.
I’ve packed all my things
And I’m starting to think of tomorrow
And what it will bring to me.
Yesterday’s gone and the future has come;
We must learn from what’s done
And carry it on…
To I don’t know where or when,
So many places and faces, I cannot say if or when
I’ll be coming back here again, until then
Let’s make this the final farewell.
I seek out some company when the time’s right for me,
But with every meeting comes a parting of ways.
And its not always easy for those who come close to me,
That’s the price for my living this way.
Copyright 1993 Paul Gill

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