Things they keep changing by Kerry

Things they keep changing  by  Kerry

(From Tape Three)

When I was a young girl
I grew without fear
Now I’m a mother in my prime
Growing wise with the years.

I once loved a young man
and there’s been many more
But I am yet to find the one
Who will reach to my core

And things they keep changing
Its true we all know.
The seasons turn with every breath
And the waters still flow

So I chose a life of travel
Ever seeking my path
I’ve found there’s joy in sharing pain
Strength in tears and love when we laugh

Now my life moves in circles
Friends and places go by
There always comes a time to move on
So the spirit won’t die

And things they keep changing..
I’ll play this one more time with you
And then I must go

For our love it keeps growing
Ever drawing us on
We learn to live in everyday
For soon this world will be gone

Pray our souls are worth saving
Wake up and open your eyes
If humanity is still to be
Then millions must die

And things…
The summers burn the waters dry
And the winters don’t snow

Who feels safe in a city?
Who can breathe by a road?
The Earth is blackened like our hearts
With our toxic overload

And the trees they are falling
They’re cutting them down
We always knew this time would come
So what happens now?

Well things…
Yet it’s still the sun and moon
That brings life to all things that grow

Well the world she keeps moving
She still goes around
No matter what is due to come
We’re right here and now

When I was a young girl
I grew without fear
And now my children learn the ways of a life
That’s been lost over years

And things they keep changing
…the seasons turn…
…the summers burn…
I’ll play here one more time with you
And then I must go

Spring ’97, inspired after Fairmile

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