The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet claim to play Tantric Love Music, an evolutionary catalytic converter co-creating infusions of world groove, rooted deep in Heart Song; Mantric Funk; Shamanic Pop; Devotional Punk; LeftvField Acid Jazz; Eccentric English Folk and Skunk Rock. They made their debut on the Golden Moon Stage at the Big Green Gathering last year and got everyone singing along like Krishnas on Ecstasy. Don’t miss ’em. They’ll be releasing a studio album in December.

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  1. The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet is a difficult menagerie to scope….I mean there are several versions of them worldwide, I believe, in Oz, in Brazil, in England and more (?) In all likelehood the bands follow in the wake of where Daevid Allen, one time Atlantian visionary of the rounded Universe that is or was the band Planet Gong. … Gong were a band of great whimsy but also astute political and environmental awareness. I first heard them in Exeter, late 80s and remember the harrowing but for real song ‘Chernobyl Rain’ which surely is still falling just as the seas sicken with Fukashima toxic flush. Ao they were ultra zonked and utterly astute at the same time. Looking at this video I can’t identify everyone, but I see Jim Peters and Tim Hall dancing away and singing. Much I remember this chant ‘We circle around’ as we madly did so around the hay bails at a certain camp somewhere deep in the early early 90s as the new wave of what happened in that decade was happening.

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