The End of Words by Tim

4.B.4 Tim – The End of Words (c)1997.
Tim, Jim, Ruth, Mary Jane
tv04the-hunter.rm 148k

This emotion is too confused
I’ve got to get it sorted, check it out, shit what am i saying fix my head the right way out now,
How can i explain, if you’ve never felt it like this,
Take my hand, this could be our last chance

For i am the Hunter
Gaze on my form
Deep in the forest is the fire that will keep us warm
Between the fireside and the candle flame
There is a land that has no name

For this is not madness, this is a beautiful wildness
Allow us a space for the beautiful forest to grow
For this kind of happiness can never be explained,
And i don’t believe that i understand anything else

Fire of Seed
Hope of flame
The home of the simple
And the end of the Game

The ending of strife
The stockings of Ceridwen
The memory of reason
And its communication…
Freedom if you want it…NOW!

You know i’d refuse to understand anything else

For i am the Hunter…&c

…And i don’t believe i ever understood a word
And i don’t believe that i understand any thing else

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