Pen-y-fen by Richard & Ceilidh

Pen-y-fen by Richard  &  Ceilidh 

(From Tape Three)

I was walking upon a mountain one day
When I felt the sound
It formed my eye deep inside from the sky
Into the ground

At the top there was a crowd of people
with the same look in their eye
I know we all recognised that feeling from
~ another place another time

(musical bit - dooby dooby doo dooby dooby doo dooby dooby doo dum)

I am a whale
far out to sea
I sing a poem of harmony

I am the wind
gentle and strong
I live forever
never the same
never the same

Life is very different in space
Sunlight is our water there
Fill up your bodies with light
As we learn to fly
~ we are changing

It was always meant to be
that we would wake up to our truth
~ then we'd share it with our hearts and minds
on the Earth our temple
~ Temple

I love the Earth for I am a tree
I love the spirit of you and me
~ ~ ~ this sets us free
The Earth is a temple


Dear Tribal Voices,
greetings hope all is well – have a good pilton if you go, I shall be somewhere else peaceful and green ~ hopefully Canada working on an organic farm!
Can’t wait for t-voices to come out – promises to be a good one
~ see you at some point in the year again
love Richard
PS here are the words for my song – hope you like them!
I ought to add that this song speaks of the profound recognition of all life as one and the whale (as the creature which keeps all earthly knowledge in her songs) is describing this planet in communication with other galactic bodies
~ Mountains are beacons eminating consciousness to the lower earthly levels
~ Trees ~ well need I say more
love and cake

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