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  • This webpage is for help with editing the tribalvoices 2014 WordPress website.
  • (For general help about the site see Help )
  • Use any browser on a desktop or laptop, or the WordPress app on androids or iphones
  • The following people may be able to log on as Editors:
    Gaea, George, Jes, Chrissie
  • The following may be able to login as authors and do Posts: Stella, Pok, Clive, Dinky, Emaya, Kate, Pok , Yap, Clive Ruth and more
  • Pages are from menus, there should only be a few
  • Posts are for each song and video, and  for events and news and snippets – into timeline on the right – there should be thousands of posts !!!
  • Beginners should start with Posts
  • First login (forget password link)
  • then black bar along the top:
    + New … Post
  • then paste in a youtube video address
  • and a title
  • then Save it, View it, Edit ikt, improve it .. more more more …

To Edit the website:

Log on from the bottom of the black left hand column.

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After Logging in you should see an extra line at the top of the screen, starting on the left with:

  • [W] for the WordPress site
  • then [Home] [Tribal Voices] then
  • [+New] to add new Posts, media and Pages,  and
  • [Howdy] at the right with your logon name.

You can also Log out at the bottom of the left column.

To Change your password:

see Help Changing Password

To create a new Post:

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  • Click +New Post at the top to start a new post.
  • Type in a title and some text
  • Select some text and click [B] to make it Bold
  • Click [Publish] or [Save Draft]
  • Click [View Post] or [Preview] to view it

To change a post between Published and Draft:

Draft Posts cannot be seen by users who aren’t logged in, so theyre good for testing things and getting posts tidied up before publishing them

  • Find a post that you want to change status of
  • Click [Edit]
  • at the white right column,  click the triangle by [Publish] a few times
  • Where it says [Status] click [Edit]
  • change between [Published] and [Draft]
  • Click [OK]
  • Click [Update]
  • Click [View Page]



To edit a Post:

  • Click [Edit Post] to edit again
  • Select some text and click [I] to make it italic.
  • At the middle right click between the tabs [Visual] and [Text]
  • [Text] shows HTML code, you seldom want this
  • Choose the [Visual] tab so bold things look bold, etc.
  • Click [Publish] to upload your changes
  • Click [View] to check they’re OK
  • Click [Edit] to edit again
  • Click [Add Media] and add a picture from your PC
  • Click [Publish] to upload your changes
  • Click [View] to check they’re OK
  • Click [Edit] to edit again
  • In another browser tab get a Youtube video address.
  • Paste it into a new line.
  • Click [Publish] to upload your changes
  • Click [View] to check they’re OK
  • Click [Edit] to edit again
  • Tweak it

To add a youtube video in a nice box:

paste its URL (https://xdslkjfweinb ) into a line on its own.


More help at:



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