2014-06-03 18.22.36 (Large)cThis webpage is for help with the new 2014 wordpress Tribal Voices website

See also [Help Editing]

  • The old HTML2 Tribal Voices webpages were edited and uploaded many years ago  by me (George), and by Tim and Vicky using FTP.
  • A copy of them (without images) is backed up to: and
  • But with WordPress several people can upload and edit, and lots of people can add comments. It is responsive HTML5, and the Search is fantastic. Youtube videos are easy to add to pages. Looks good on phones and widescreen. Lovely user interface.
  • There can be WordPress Posts for each song and each video and each event.
  • There can be thousands of photos, Posts and Pages, WordPress is powerful.
  • Everyone can add comments, and there’s a system to stop spammers
  • Please add comments with ideas for improvements.

See also [Help Editing]

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