2 thoughts on “Pok the Bard ~ Spacegoats”

  1. Hi Pok,
    about 5 years ago i found a cassette called Inamorata & Other Tales,in a local charity shop.The outer sleeve alone was intriguing,& so chanced a quid on buying it,& was blown away when played.Like a medieval pyschedelic folk opus,& in collecting music for over 35 years had never heard the likes of this sound before ! I have never been able to find out howmany tapes were made.And wondered if you could shed any light on this.Have tried to buy a cd by your collective as well,Tribadelica,but proving as rare as hens teeth ! Keep believing & playing & respect to your musicianship,if other members around
    ,please thank them for such a glorious
    yet truly undiscovered pizce of brilliant musical originality.Doubt i will get to Avalon,but so lucky to of found such a masterpiece,in a Northern chemical town.Dominated by inane white rock,probably why tape passed to a charity shop.Just too much for the unitiated.If would like a tape of other music i love,let me know

    ny cassettes were produce

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