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Simple Song by Jim

Simple Song by Jim

Jim, Frazer, Tim, Ruth

(From Tape Three)

gonna write a simple song
that says what i wanna say
the melody is clear and strong
so you can all sing and play…along

sing along
…it goes

na na, na na, na na na…..

I could tell you
what i’ve learned about
love is all i’ve really learned about
love is all that always works
love is all
love is all… …that’s all

love’s all i want from you
love is all i give you, freely
love’s all i wish for all of you
love yourself completely…that’s all

is that simple enough, for you
it seems simple enough to me
is love simple enough, for you
it seems simple enough to me
of course it is

love’s all, that’s all
love’s all, that’s all
its simple, of course it is!


Some odd folks round the back of Mandala Studios.

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From our left to right. Clive, Chrissie, Chris, Stella and Pok of Spacegoats. This photo was taken outside Mandala cellar Studio ’97 or ’98. Two well nice gardens were conjoined one behind the two neighbouring houses that Dave at one point owned. We recorded the album ‘Thirteen Moons in Motion‘  here late 1995 and remained living or revolving around this South London house for 7 or 8 years.