One thought on “Tribal Voices great video @ Synergy Centre 2006”


    pOK HERE, just really have to say I am what Rub calls Ye Olde School and he got me exact. I was in at the first moments, indeed was stood behind the man when the camera clicked at Twyford Down and the logo photograph of Sam Donga and Clive Spacegoat back to back with their horns raised and heralding,was taken. Sam (with Steph) started the Twyford protest and Clive (with Polarkin/Spacegoat Chrissie) toured about and gathered and archived the first Tribal Voices recordings, so I have been writing in these posts about what I remember, the people of times I knew. At the time of this video I has helping bring up a child and micro troubadouring with Aurelia in another strand or branch. So Tribal Voices came to Gaea and this was in London when they Synergized there. The Next Generation.

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