4 thoughts on “18/5/96 Goats and Heathens as one for last time @ Rooms.”

  1. The energy in this rooms is what the energy of those days was all about…the roll of a wave if you like of people who got down on the Earth to protect it and who put their expression of this into music to fuel the next day’s battles with joined song.

  2. Sadly for me, the intense magik of thes times was fading into more of a hippified commercialism where it did not seem in any was as vital as these vivid moments of dreamtime alive of an integrated warrior tribe. The third Battle of Newbury, the Battle of the Trees had happened and after that EVERYONE knew about the meaning behind environmental collapse…. but since then have been more human generated pollutive emissions than any time in mankind’s span. People are enshrounded in black by mindcontrol globalising multinationals and puppet pig~fukking stooge mouth pieces. Singing in that brighter day.

  3. So many many of us there together from that time. Even Daevid Allen. Acoustic music camps close to the Earth and road protesters campaigning non violent direct action all made life at that time mellifluous and full of action.

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