Who’s that Girl by Feth

Who’s that Girl by Feth  (c)

(From Tape Two)
  Who’s that girl
the one with the electric blue eye
set like crystal in a perfect face
with a seductive smile
we’ve seen her in every advert
for every perfume ever made
she tells of wealth and power and sex
never of AIDS
And who’s that girl
the one with no name
this is how it is girls
this is how you could be should be
with the purchase of this product
don’t you think it looks so good on me
don’t you think you should
but it doesn’t look so good
on a dog or a rabbit or a chicken or a cat
force fed to a goose or a monkey or a vat ???
or dripped in the eyes of a laboratory rat
anorexic and bulimic and they’re making children sick
in the cheapest sort of image of an advertising trick
who’s that guy, the one lying naked in the sea
muscular and bronzed a real man on tv
he’s got fast cars, blue eyes
aftershave that drives women wild
he’s always strong never cries
So forget it fellas
you’ll never be a real man
you’re too fat too thin too short too tall
too old too young too hairy too bald
too compassionate to be real men at all
Who’s those people
the ones who swallow what they’re told
the adverts they go out
and the products they get sold
stereo sound and stereo typing
colour images of colour imaging
turn off the tv put down the magazine
look around look inside
look for the the real thing
peel back the layers of
thing for yourself – isn’t it frightening
insecurity ‘s making us buy things
developing the need
making us want things
squeezing into clothes to ??? make us seem what we’re not
not not who you are its just what you got
from your childhood days
I want and I want and I want it today
I don’t care how much it costs
willing to pay
its just like the one that I just threw away
again and again and again and again
day after day after day after
so stop for a minute this is insane
its not what you own
or how much you can pay
you are who you are what you think what you say
when you realise that you’ll be OK
yes you are what you are what you think what you say
when you realise that you’ll be OK

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