Pixies Hat by Paul Gill and Hattie

Pixies Hat by  Paul Gill and Hattie

(From Tape Two)

As I was walking through the woods today
One of the Pixie-folk I chanced to spy.
And on his little head he wore a tidy piece,
“Sure, I’ll have that that,” says I.
It was red and green and it was stitched with gold,
It was a handsome sight for to behold.
And from the point of it there hung two golden bells,
One rang high the other low.
Well, he then sang a song it was of trees and beasts,
It was a magic song to that I’d swear.
For as I then leapt out all for to seize the hat,
Sure he turned into a hare.
Then away he ran and I took up the chase,
And to be sure, it was a hardy race.
He twisted here and there, did that crafty hare,
I could not long keep up the pace.
Well, I was out of breath,
could hardly take a step,
So I sat down upon a fallen tree.
And as I tarried there to
rest my weary limbs,
Sure, I quickly fell asleep.
When I’d had forty winks
about an hour had passed
Before I op’ed my eyes again at last;
And there to my surprise,
before my very eyes,
The pixie sat upon the grass
“Well, how d’you do?” says he;
says he, “D’you want my hat?”
And it comes off his head and onto mine.
The pixie now bows low
and then he disappears;
Sure, he’s laughing all the time.
I felt fine and bold
in red and green and gold,
I felt a handsome sight for to behold.
But then when I got home
and down the street did roam
I was embarrassed to be told:
It was made of leaves
and stitched with horses hair,
It was a strangely sight for to behold;
And from the point of it
there dangled acorn shells,
And neither made a sound at all.

pixies elves and sprites are really very nice and
leprechauns and gnomes are not so bad
but its the little fairies who live in the trees
are really really really rad
they wear silly hats and
dont use baseball bats
and they’re very fluffy to behold
so dont chop down their trees
they really mean it please
cos theyl’ll be homeless and be cold

Copyright 1993 Paul Gill


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