9 thoughts on “Nik Turner at Mandala”

    1. When I bought my first K electric off Mark Williams in the year above me, I saw he had this album. Out of all his many rock records I wanted tthat one and to know about Hawkwind. When I went to Exeter it was straight in front of me when I walked into long gone Catapilla 2nd hand records. £2.50 with unfolding sleeve and Rob Calvert log book.

    1. Incredible certain original members of the main band that I, fledgling guitarist at 16, seamlessly connected with and at which I thought.. ‘I could do that’, should still be into peace and love and hang out in tribe’s homebase Spaceship mandala!

  1. I love this. Something about the sound of the synthesisers takes me to a whole preferable place than what I heard with the majority of dance music.

  2. Nik, Terry Ollis and Mick Slattery, all in this interview, have frequently played at and hung out at length at the Mandala Stage at Pilton.

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