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  1. I am at Jeremy’s old place doing these updates. Wish I could put the text from his ‘Tomorrow People’ which is photographs and text on the English festivals of the very early 70s such as Glastonbury 71/2 and the Isle of Wight Festival of that era.

  2. email to rainbow circle egroup May 2003:
    We sang our souls last night in the Bell for Jeremy . although I met him about 15 yrs ago I never got to Know him as much as I would have liked , but as Bran said, he liked to observe, and then walking by him later You would see him writing or generally busy at 3 in The morning. anyway love and light is felt and sent to Him from all here at hatfield and everywhere. Will miss all at kidz camp but hope (and am sure ) a Special circle will be held for him. … … … Heres to Jeremy . . . .and to you all. keep circling! Ian kat and brighan

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