7 thoughts on “Some songs pok recorded with Mark Hellewell”

  1. After the Spacegoats munched their way out of view, I got on with composing songs as skeletons that would just hang around and either stay like that, or in some future era, grow into some new expression. There are a handful of them here on this Soundcloud, the rest are available and will probably appear online. I recorded about 6 albums worth of them, jeez.

  2. The above link is jams I had with Appleblossom in different places years ago. again the Proffesor leaves us with clear notes as to who and where and what with. (music not Cluedo)

  3. The above is a pub gig re sound quality but quite fun and has songs , like ‘Cats of Magmu’ which I only sang in this way once. I’d like to do it again this way, (to tune of Lyte Wake’s Dirge) Aurelie wrote and sung La Dance Vivant. Sadly Justin is with us no more.

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