Real Progress in 2020 by Quollobollox

Real Progress in 2020 by Quollobollox

friends we will travel in time in this next scene
to ??? time
to the future where ..???nature is a dream
if you don’t like the vision and think that its strange
now is the time
then its up to you
to implement change
its wet, its green, its natural,
and I really don’t like it
I’m glad we had the sense to quell
the noise of stinging insects.
There were static monsters called mountains once
that too which just took up loads of space
did nothing to justify their existence
a total unproductive waste
we figured they were a big distraction
people walked aimlessly on the mountain
with no thoughts at all of the real world
and you got all this noisy springtime chirping
from germy things that shat on you called birds
I appreciate these are unknown words
and real trees they had dying leaves
they didn’t glow neon all year round
if you lost you way at night in a woo ?????
a woodland site it was really dark you might never be found
and there were stinging nettles
and uneven ground toxic with mud and swampy in parts
and the strange wild wetness of rivers flowing free
that children could drown in every so easily
damn they broke some parents hearts
and there was strange coloured children as dark as the night
who’d eat slug fodder grown with shit from bulls
they weren’t all beautifully uniform white
with clean blond hair and blue eyes bright
strengthened by eating nice clean chemicals
and everything was spoiled by a dazzle of colours
how can you think straight. with brain overwhelmed?
it was so bad you had to close your eyes just to sleep
imagine that now in these days of real progress
and so tormented by different fragrances
what’s a fragrance did I hear you say
its an invading microbe that squatted nostrils
and colonised the human brain
it stopped thoughts being. healthily uniform mutual
and probably triggered nothing but pain
so remember kids
beware black magic
if it’s wet and green and natural trash it
those were terrible days
when mothers were female
they bled endlessly too
before we cured it
because they danced so much then like fools
there was always some woman bleeding pools
and she had all these eggs
just going to waste
before we drew up the proper laboratory rules
governing mobile ovum factories
which happily soon won’t even need feeding
no danger now of unsterilised breeding

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