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  1. This video was taken sometime in the early naughties and resurfaced. I start telling about the most favorite of my subjects, the rounded curves of the Goddess, her hills. This mythic hill of which I start this song sequence is called Knapp Hill, which segues into another song I had at the time dedicated to my mother, which is called ‘Eternity.’

  2. Knapp Hill/Eternity
    That’ll be the way to get along
    The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth
    A dog called Karma
    Mystic Land
    Mystic Land (same one again)
    Earth Mother’s Daughter’s Dance
    That I Am Not Here Does Not Mean That I Am Not With You
    Come Together All People Come Together All Tribes


    Knapp Hill was made up up on the spot but quite good, now I hear them, the lyrics are fun)…segues into
    Bad lyric mash up of half stolen Robert Wilkins 1928 ‘That’ll be the way to get along’ mashed up with version made obscurely famous by the Stones as ‘Prodigal Son’, with a verse from Ride a White Swan follows thrown in, but it is cos I don’t know what quite what I am doing. The fatted calf is not meant to be killed at the beginning of the song as I state here, stumbling into the last verse first, because of course the whole family feast on it when the po’ boy returns. home to his open armed father who he stole from. (no vege alternative sorry)
    Fact was I had no idea what I was going to play when I went on. After

    1. The Reverant Robert Wilkins wrote Prodigal Son as well. (Sounds not totally dissimiar but this riff will last you 100 years straight
      through which is enough for anyone)

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