Me Two by Mel


From: "MEL MEL"
Subject: Me Two
Date: 24 2002 April 24 11:56

 Me Two 

Me Two,three four five six
Sticks and stones may break my bones
but names will never
Streetwise anarchist or nice asian girl
Clashing of cultures my minds in a whirl
The me that is me shines like a pearl.

I'm a light brown coconut turned inside out
Scraped dry by expectations I act like a lout
Cursing and spitting arms flailing I'm mad
I shout from the rooftops I'm me so I am
And if you don't like it then fuck off and die.

But instead I sit demurely have another cup of tea
Does my hair look ok,shall I wear this sari?
Are you covered in chocolate
Does it come off in the bath
Don't get upset we're only having a laugh
Cold curry for breakfast,love on a plate
Kirribath and lunu miris,machung means mate
Man I'm not lying when I say I am my roots

I'm a tree with many branches,a strong standing oak
Bo-tree with many branches been mistaken for a bloke
Man.woman,black white beige
We're all the fucking same I scream out in rage
It's all the same old game I don't even know my name,
Mel,Melissa,Melly,Smelly akki
I might be Italian or even a paki
A carib,an arab a gypsy rose lee
Times I don't know who I really want to be.

I'm a half and half baby,a mixed up kid
Looking for answers I did what I did
I did what I did what I had to do
Beautiful skin colour wish I looked like you
People say like I'm locked in a zoo
Needing identity I'm all things and none
Multi personality a schizophrenic on the run
Running from myself I've been running so long
I've screwed up my health
Oh the stories I could tell of the things I have seen
On my travels round myself to find out who I am
In this world of dualities I feel like a sham
Not black enough not white enough
Not fucking mixed race enough
Most of my life I've been a spectator
At other peoples parties

Me two three four five six
Sticks and stones may break my bones
But names will never
I might be Italian or even a paki
A carib,an arab,a gypsy rose lee
I think I know who I want to be

A masala of surprises a free floating dream
Cos things are never quite what they seem
Rainbow of possiblities, moon and the sun
Skipping between worlds a goddess having fun
I'm a zebra a panda a piebald pony
If you speak to me softly my name means honey
I'm a many petalled dog rose I'm a lotus on the water
A child of the universe and a dutiful daughter.
Me two walking between worlds.

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